Nathan wants individuals and families facing autism to know that life with autism can be rewarding, even joyful.  He looks at the world differently than most, but his sense of wonder and appreciation for new and interesting people, places and things is inspiring. 


Nathan also knows that dreams can come true. To the right is one of Nathan's most exciting moments to date getting to share the stage with Australian guitar great, Tommy Emmanuel, in Nashville, Tennessee. 

Nathan Gabriel Miller is a remarkable young man from Summerville, SC.  He is an Eagle Scout, and he works in the family business since graduating high school in June of 2016. Nathan is an accomplished recording artist and performer, and he is an effective advocate for autism awareness.  Nathan has plenty of heart, and is always looking for ways to serve his family and others. He plays ukulele and guitar, and is a regular performer in downtown Summerville and throughout the lowcountry of South Carolina. He loves Jesus, pick up trucks, aviation, music, world travel, Scouting, and people.

Nathan was born in San Angelo, TX in 1997.  He was diagnosed with autism in 2001, but is, in his own words, "blessed with the ability to play music, and to communicate." These are both things his older brother Marcus, who also has autism, cannot do. Marcus has never been able to speak, and is on the profoundly challenged end of the autism spectrum.  Despite Marcus's inability to speak, his favorite activity, second only to eating, is listening to music. Where words fail, Music Speaks to Marcus.  Nathan loves to express himself through the guitar and ukelele, and is driven to use his gift to speak for, and to, those who cannot, and to inspire to action those who can.







Nathan with his uke at Loch Ness, Scotland in 2018