Autism Speaks Presentation


Friday, October 10, 2014 was a very big day for Music Speaks!  We made a trip up to the Autism Speaks office in Charlotte, NC and made a very special presentation to Ms Kelli Embler.  


Since the July  release of our CD, Where Words Fail, Music Speaks, we've been recouped through CD sales all production expenses, and raised another $1000 for Autism Speaks. There are so many folks we want to thank for this milestone achievement.  First, let us say THANK YOU to all of the musical contributiors to this CD:  Dr. John Knowles, Doyle Dykes, Haley & Jake Johnson, Phil Keaggy, Greg Rowles, Dustin Ashenfelder, Greg Neff, Steve McKoy and Kirby Easler.  This is an achievement that belongs to each of you! Thanks also to each of the folks involved in the making of the CD, and finally THANK YOU to each of you that have bought our CD, hosted events featuring our cause, or have encouraged us in some way.


With God's help, and your continued support, we hope this is just the beginning.  We've already started accumuating sales for the next check, and we're very grateful for the privilege of serving such a great cause by simply doing what we love.  

Nathan presents Kelli Embler with a signed CD and check for $1000