On November 1st through 3rd of 2013, guitarists from North and South Carolina gathered together at the Landmark Resort Hotel at Myrtle Beach, SC, for three full days of guitar master classes, workshops, a concert, and just some old fashioned guitar pickin' fun.   The event was the Fall Guitar Festival for the Carolina Fingerstyle Guitar Association, and featured legendary, Grammy award winning guitarist, John Knowles, as the headliner.   John is best known for his work with Chet Atkins on the Joplin classic, "The Entertainer."  His career is punctuated with routine Nashville encounters with the likes of Les Paul, jazz legend, Lenny Breau, Jerry Reed, and Mark Knopfler from Dire Straits.  Wherever guitarists gather around the world, John's name and contributions are celebrated.  "The Chief" as he's called, Chet Atkins, gave John the coveted honorary title of "Certified Guitar Picker," or CGP, for his exceptional mastery of the instrument...a title only bestowed upon four other guitar players.


Music Speaks teamed up with the CFGA to Autism Speaks. The Director of Autism Speaks for the Carolinas, Ms Kelli Embler, was on hand to open the all day event Saturday morning.  She gave the group info on autism and the growing needs that families and communities are faced with when dealing with its challenges.  Ms Embler then introduced Nathan and gave him a t-shirt, pin, literature and stickers to help spread the word!  A table was set up in back, and the cause was prominently displayed and talked about during the entire event. 



Saturday evening, Nathan had the honor of giving the welcoming address and even opening the show for the John Knowles concert.  This is the kind of honor that musicans dream about, and Nathan did everyone proud by performing a beautiful rendition of Bach's "Air" that is also seen in music video form on the media page.  Mr. Knowles commented that he not only, "played beautifully," but also"...set the perfect tone for the evening and concert."


The event was by every measure a big success.  The CFGA was able to raise enough money to cover all of the hosting costs, and managed to net over $750, to date, for Autism Speaks.  Nathan will be presenting a check to Autism Speaks as soon as all of the accounting is complete.


A huge thanks to everyone involved!  With your help, music did more than simply speak...it made a lot of great memories while helping to make a difference.

        CFGA Fall Festival