Eagle Scout Court of Honor


Troop 750 held an Eagle Scout Court of Honor on May 1, 2015, for Nathan Miller. Nathan has worked for seven years to become an Eagle Scout not letting his autism hold him back. At one point during the ceremony, he had the opportunity to offer a few remarks. It's so gratifying to hear these words from Nathan, and the special setting with Jesus and the cross by his side lends a wonderful backdrop for such words.


Nathan's remarks, seen in the video to the right,  summed it up when he said that more important than the badge was living the life of an Eagle Scout, and that's a life of service to others.

Nathan's Amazing Trail to Eagle


The video to the right is a modified version of  what was shown as a prelude to the Court of Honor.


Set to music, it highlights Nathan's scouting adventures spanning from Memorial Day of 2008 until the May 1, 2015, Court of Honor. 


The end result inspires in us a wealth of gratitude to God, and all of those who worked to make all of this possible.  


Sit back, enjoy the music, and watch Nathan's amazing story unfold before your very eyes.