Photos & Memories

Nathan with John Knowles C.G.P. John and Nathan are collaborating on a piece for the Music Speaks Compliation CD!  Stay tuned for more info!

Nathan and his Dad are seen here with the incredible Doyle Dykes! Doyle and his daughter, Haley, have also agreed to contribute to the compilation CD!

Nathan and Dad are seen here with Greg Rowles at Waterbrook Community Church in Myrtle Beach.  Greg has also given the project a boost with a beautiful cut from his gospel album, Sing His Praise.

Nathan got to meet one of his heroes, Jake Shimabukuro, at the Charleston Music Hall in February 2014.  Jake has inspired a passion for the uke in Nathan, and as Nathan likes to say, "Just one listen to Jake Shimabukuro on the ukelele, and you'll never look at the instrument the same way again!"

Perhaps even better than just meeting Jake, Nathan was able to show his appreciation for his work by playing back one of Jake's original tunes! Jake jokingly said, it "looks like I'm going to be soon out of a job!" :)  Very special moment, indeed.

Nathan is seen here with Mark Bryan from Hootie and the Blowfish.  Mark hosted a songwriters' night at the College of Charleston, and it made for a perfect mix of good music and good advice.

One additional treat at the songwriters' night was getting to meet with three time Grammy winner Darius Rucker!

Nathan got to spend a little backstage time with Dad, his Grandmother, and the incredible Tommy Emmanuel C.G.P.

Here is a fun time of music sharing at the Miller Family Christmas party in the upstate!

Nathan and Dad spend a little time relaxing on the beach before opening for John Knowles C.G.P.!

Nathan is seen here Dad, the Newsroom 4 weatherman, Tom Crawford, and close friend, Kirby Easler.  Kirby is an amazing guitarist, and will be providing a tune for the compilation CD also!

Recording session with Michael Lindsey for the Music Speaks compilation CD.

Opening for Erick Baker (right) and Will Carter (left) was a real treat!

Gotta love technology!  Here's Nathan collaborating with John Knowles via Skype.

It's a special kind of feeling to get to autograph a prize guitar!  The proceeds from the guitar give-away went to Autism Speaks.

Nathan gives the Hawaiian "hang loose" or "shocka" sign after finishing recording a Jake Shimabukuro cover on the ukelele.

Nathan and Dad join sound engineers, Ethan Jones (back left) and Brent Maloney (right) in the studio at Murray Soundlabs in Kennesaw, GA.

Nothing like working with $10,000 dollars worth of microphones, and a $200 dollar ukelele. haha  But, seriously, these mics picked up some subtle sounds that are part of playing a guitar that my ears have never detected.

No, this is not the bridge of the Enterprise, it's actually the mixing board at Murray Soundlabs.  Nathan chillaxes in the captain's chair... best sounding seat in the house!

Here Keith, Nathan and Kristin get to spend a little time with one of the most amazing mandolin players on earth, Chris Thile.  He should know us by now, but we'll keep reminding him of who we are until he comes to expect us.  We told him about our project, and he seemed genuinely happy to hear about it.  

Nathan created quite a few smiles with a rocked out version of Dragon at the Flowertown Festival back in April.

All the fellows wanted to get in on the photobomb for Kirby and Kristin's selfie after the Newberry Opry House show.

Words and pictures don't quite capture the feeling of a dream coming true.  Here is Kirby on stage in Newberry while guitar master, Tommy Emmanuel, joins in!

Here's a great shot of friends and family at the Newberry Opry House.  What a great, great night!

Here we are with singer/songwriter/story-teller, Antsy McClain.  THe guy can have you laughing one minute and tearing up the very next.  Antsy is the real deal.

You may not yet know the name, Anthony Snape, but there's a chance you've heard his music on TV.  We caught him at a house concert recently and were just inspired.  Great songwriter, vocalist and all around bright light.